Angie Rena Blackett, CPM, LDEM

Eve's Way, LLC

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CPM, LDEM, Doula


My name is Angie Blackett. I am the mother of 7 wonderful children, ranging in age from 12 years old to 10 months old. I am also a licensed Direct Entry Midwife with the state of Utah, a professional doula, lactation consultant, a childbirth educator, and a nutrition student.

I have had the wonderful privilege of helping women grow their families for more than a decade. Now I strive for more. I want to help woman thrive as mothers not just survive. As a mother I have fought daily trying to acquire the skills that my ancestors had that I seem to be lacking. I have this great desire for all mothers who want it, to know the joy motherhood can bring.

I feel we can help you accomplish your goals as a mother with the knowledge and skills that we can teach you here at Eve’s way. We are also very excited to offer women another way to birth by using our birth suite -- providing a way for us to help you start off motherhood in the very best way possible. Supported, empowered, in control of the single most important event of yours and your baby’s life.


The deep desire we have as women educators is to pass on skills that may have been lost or not learned at all. Eve’s way is designed as a resource to help all mothers who desire to improve their skills as women. What we care most about is you, our client, to empower you as a woman through knowledge, through caring, through mothering. Whatever season of life you are in, we strive to be there to teach and to guide. 


Salt Lake, Utah, and Tooele Counties


Childbirth Education, Nutrition Classes, Preconception, Maternity-Home, Birthsuite, Doula

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