Reta Partner-Preece, DEM, PES, SIM

Papaver Midwifery

270 Coatsville Ave.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
(385) 628-9868 (Local Utah Area Code)

Areas of Practice

As far north as Logan and as far south as Delta

Areas Covered in Practice

Homebirth, Waterbirth, Well Woman Care, Fertility Care, and Herbal Health for the Whole Family

At Papaver we are dedicated to holistic Well Woman and Maternity Care. We offer Annual Exams, New Moon exams (a young woman's first exam), Well Woman care, Holistic Midwifery, Homebirth and Infant exams/weigh-ins. At our office you can receive screening's for Pregnancy, Ovulation, Strep Throat, UTI's, Ear Infections, Vaginal Infections, STD's , CBC, Hemoglobin (anemia) and more. We offer herbal and flower essence remedies to our clients and if we believe your problem will not be properly treated with these remedies we will give you a referral to a medical doctor or a naturopathic doctor in your area.

Our office is located in Salt Lake City and has a very warm and inviting environment for those very first exams 'New Moon' to comprehensive prenatal care.  We also offer in home care for clients wishing to stay in the surroundings of their own home for exams and prenatals.

The midwives at Papaver have chosen to participate in a practice called Quantum Midwifery, this is the belief that most woman and their 'problems' are best left to nature, just as in birth the best rule is to leave a mother to her own devices and she will birth her baby in a primitive state. We believe that Well Woman Care can also follow these guides and remain as un-intrusive as possible while maintaining thoroughness and swift action. You will receive loving and guided care at Papaver, you have NEVER received care like this before. Come take a look at our office, meet the midwife and THEN make a decision about your care and your comfort.

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